Sporting Rules & Regulations of Silambam Sport

The International Silambam Committee (ISC) is the non-profit international membership organization for the martial arts community, and is open to all silambam, martial arts institutions, martial arts authorities, and individuals.

The Rules and Regulations is the document that dictates all procedures for the Silambam Practice. Rules and Regulations are published in soft copy at the start of each year, but the document itself is amended throughout the ISC cycles.

An amendment to Rules and Regulations must be passed through ISC committees and the its body. View Rules and Regulations, please click below link. Note: This is an new version, last released April 2019. The updated rules will be compiled and uploaded in April 2019.


  • ISC PATIVAM (Forms) Competition Rules   ENG |
  • ISC CANDAI (Fighting) Rules   ENG |
The INOC has recognized Silambam as Non-Olympic sports discipline.