President & His Message

Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI - President

Dear Members, and Sponsors - I am honored to accept the position of President of the International Silambam Committee - ISC. As President, I aspire to bring the Silambam Sport into global arena together with enthusiastic supporters from all Silambam Guru, Officials, Players, as we as United Nations, National Governments, International Agencies, and Sponsors and ethnic backgrounds in order to promote Silambam as Sport amongst (Youth & Girls) Worldiwde. ISC with the main aims to popularize the Silambam Sport Worldwide & generate funds to support all Sports

Benefits With Silambam Silambam is a good form of cardio workout that improves blood circulation and heart function.

The techniques of Silambam aim at good way to channelize the energy of the youth. Leaning something antique and part of our rich heritage instils a sense of belonging towards the art.

INOC with Silambam " International Silambam Day has already been declared by International Non-Olympic Committee-INOC General Assembly on 12th April 2019 announced by Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI & Dr.Thiyagu Nagaraj has given real shape of "Silambam" and its popularity. Click Here To Know More

The purpose of International Silambam Committee (ISC) is to support all community of martial arts players, teachers and masters with peace, love, unity, and respect.

"Silambam as Sport, and Recognised as Non-Olympoc Sport" The International Non-Olympic Committee-INOC has declared, and recognized Silambam as Non-Olympic Sports discipline, This is the greatest achievement of the International Silambam Committee-ISC that Silambam has been declared Non-Olympic Sport by International Non-Olympic Committee-INOC.

I have a number of goals that I wish to achieve during my tenure as President of the International Silambam Committee-ISC. First and perhaps foremost, I want to increase the awareness of Silambam as Sport, and better understanding amongst youth & girls of the World .

One of the important aspects of the "International Silambam Committee-ISC" to take all positive majeure for inclusion of Silambam as Sport into all countries of the World and we will convince all Sports Ministers to recognsie Silambam as Sport in their country, and extend all possible support to run high class sports deciplines in the country.

I would also like to oversee the creation of a high level National Silambam Sport Federation in each country of the World under the aegies of International Silambam Committee-ISC.

Finally, I hope to increase awareness of the International Silambam Committee and the good work it performs. I hope to strengthen the group as well as increase Silambam sport events, championships all levels and awarness of Silambam as Sport Worldwide in order to healthy peoples and social intergrity and peace. This year will mark a new path for the International Silambam Committee-ISC as it continues to serve Silambam as Sport in India and around the World.

With kind regards,
Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI
President - International Silambam Committee - ISC

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The INOC has recognized Silambam as Non-Olympic sports discipline.