ISC Executive Committee

The International Silambam Committee (ISC) is the non-profit international membership organization for the martial arts community, and is open to all martial arts institutions, martial arts authorities, and individuals.

The purpose of International Silambam Committee (ISC) is to support all community of martial arts teachers and masters with peace, love, unity, and respect. INOC has recognized Silambam as Non-Olympic sports discipline for all across the globe and our main aim is One World!! One Education!!!, means all martial arts teachers collectively work for ISC network and bring together to develop the peace between country wide.

ISC has a partner status with International Non-Olympic Committee-INOC, International Noble Peace Prize Recommendation Forum -INPPRF, National Brand Committee -NBA, International Student Exchange Cards India Limited. ISC main aim is to promote silambam throughout the world and work for peace.

ISC was founded in 2018 in India by Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI and it has official managed and run by International Non-Olympic Committee.

ISC is supporting all Government systems, norms and regulations and code of ethics.

ISC Executive Board

Board Member Name Designation Country
Professor Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI President India
Ms. Ummi Khanam Vice-President India
Dr.Thiyagu Nagaraj General Secretary Tamilnadu, India
Mr. Mohammad Meraj Director General/Treasurer India
Mr.Ravianand Joint Secretary Tamilnadu, India
Mr. Goolam Cader ALLY Executive Member Mauritius
Col. Anil Avasthi Executive Member India
Mr. Sudesh Verma Executive Member India
Mr. Mohammad Sarfaraz ANSARI Executive Member India
Master M Yamazaki Technical Committee President Japan
The INOC has recognized Silambam as Non-Olympic sports discipline.