We have already covered the significance of Silambam and why it is essential for everyone. So what can Silambam contribute in Martial Arts and why can it be considered as the Silambam - Mother of All Martial Arts?


The regular practice of a sport is to make oneself attain the optimum level of force, suppleness, agility, flexibility, tonicity, endurance, elasticity, speed, rapidity, power, as well as, balancing, equilibrating and stabilising physical, mental, psychological, psychical, moral and even emotional aptitudes in relation to the demand of that particular sport.

Silambam can be defined as the safest and most health effective sport in the world which covers all edges in its approaches, being holistic, physical or mental. It harmonises the system of development for the body, mind and spirit and act as the best corrector of mood , as an inner peace finder for wellness and happiness , improving health which is the greatest of wealth.

Silambam englobes numerous advantages

Firstly, it improves the range of motion (ROM) at all points of articulations (Joints), as it is a fully internal and External workout for the whole body. Whatever your sport, there is the incidence and hassard of some overworked or over stressed muscles or joints in the body. A swimmer, for example, may be suffering from tight shoulders, a runner with shortened hamstrings, a cyclist with chronically tight lower back and hunched shoulders, tight quads and calves and the golfer may suffer lack of balance in the body from the repetitive twisting to one side. Silambam practice strengthens the muscles that are underused and releases the muscles that are overworked from the practising of a particular specific sport. Taking cycling as an example, the repetitive isolated movement through the knee joints can cause injuries, whether you're a spinner, road or mountain cyclist, while Silambam can make your joints and body more flexible by 10-20%. Moreover flexible muscle groups have increased strength and this in turn produces more pedal power. It increased leg and overall body performance; particular Silambam postures teach us that every limb and muscle of the body is integral part of to the posture.

Secondly Silambam is excellent for building core strength, because it involves moving the body in various directions and angles through postures requiring stability and balance, often in an unusual relationship to gravity. The key is flexible strength, and that's what Silambam develops. Too many people still think abdominal training is doing crunches, which does nothing for flexibility. If you just train for strength, your muscles can actually shorten. And if you train in only one direction, you're limiting your range of motion.

Thirdly it prevents injuries or can facilitate a quicker recovery time when injured. It is often an injury that leads people in to their very first Silambam class following their physiotherapist recommending it as a form of breathing. Contracted and hard trained muscles often lack elasticity; the muscle tear that goes hand in hand with hard training can eventually take its toll and cause an injury that puts the athlete out of action for a few weeks. This can be fatal in the build-up to a sporting event and may ultimately mean dropping out. A regular silambam practice can keep the muscles and joints healthy and flexible, making time invested in silambam not a luxury but an essential part of any SPORT training schedule.

So, why not enhancing your performance and prevent injury by adding Silambam to your training plan now as the main spice of your sport dish.

Silambam Is Mother Of All Martial Arts
........ Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI

IMPORTANT : The "Silambam Is Mother Of All Martial Arts" has developed and Innovated by Dr.Mohemmed Seraj Ansari & Dr.Thiyagu Nagaraj.

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The INOC has recognized Silambam as Non-Olympic sports discipline.